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Vice Dean/ Associate Professor at Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Istanbul, TURKEY


Keynote Speech Title:

"Empowering Educators with Neuro-Communication Skills"



Principles of neuroscience have been applied to several areas in the business world like marketing, selling, negotiation, presentation skills and leadership. These principles can also be used in human relations and education. There need to be more neuroscientific research conducted in the field of education, studying educators’ and learners’ responses to stimuli they are exposed to in educational settings and in daily life communications.

In the light of researches, it is possible to say that the stimuli we are exposed to and what we do and say affect the way we think and new neural pathways are established through behaviors and language. In other words, we become what we continuously do or say and what we are exposed to in the course of our life time.

In this presentation, I will be sharing how to be more aware of the power of neuro-communications skills we use in our educational and daily life communications as educators, parents, friends and colleagues in creating more positive climates which are conducive to learning, creativity, productivity and a more fulfilling life and communication we wish to have.



Feyza Doyran is currently Vice Dean and Assoc. Prof. Dr. at Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. She has served as Chair for Educational Sciences departments and as Coordinator of Graduate Programs in TEFL and Teaching Certificate programs for many years.

She received her M.A. in English Language Teaching and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.  She conducted her post-doctoral studies in the department of Educational Psychology at University of Texas in Austin, US.

She has published books and articles on teacher education and training, effects of verbal and non-verbal teacher behaviors, professional morality, cooperative syllabus design and reflective journal writing. She has been offering seminars and in-service / pre-service teacher training sessions on curriculum and instruction, effective teaching, interpersonal relations, effective communication skills, neuro-linguistic programming, non-verbal communication skills, emotional intelligence, learning to learn for twenty years. She designed and developed Personal Development and Effective Communication Skills courses and integrated into the curriculum of Education Faculties. For more detailed CV, please visit https://www.iku.edu.tr/25/1083/1888/4/personeldetay.html



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