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Please note that;

  • The conference registration fee does not cover accommodation and travel expenses,
  • The conference organizers do not make any reservations, so you will have to make your own reservations by contacting hotels directly.
  • By registering to the conference, the participants receive reduced prices at the Venue hotel. Please see the Venue hotel prices and contact details from the VENUE page.


The conference venue hotel is NIPPON HOTEL. (Please Look at for the venue hotel details from the VENUE page.

Taraveling from airport to the conference venue hotel:

  • Buy your flight to Istanbul ATATURK AIRPORT or SABIHA GOKCEN AIRPORT
  • When you arrive to the Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen (International) Airport, take the airport coach HAVABUS (From Airport to Taksim square route) which has the bus stop in front of the airport exit. Get off the coach at TAKSİM which is the final bus stop. The Nippon hotel is 100 meters away to the HAVATAŞ final bus stop. (Havataş ticket price: 10 TL -4 EURO/ 5 Dollar- per indv.)
  • In every half an hour a HAVABUS coach moves from the airport station.
  • It takes from airport to Taksim square 1 or 1.5 hours by the coach depanding on the traffic jam.
  • You can also take a taxi in front of the both airports to arrive to the venue hotel. 


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