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PROF. Dr. JOHN HUTNYK, Professor of Cultural Studies, Visiting Scientist at Mimar Sinan University,TurkeyAdjunct Professor of RMIT University, Australia, Guest Professor at Zeppelin University, Germany.



Keynote Speech Title 

"Mapping Exercises: Contexts for the Higher Education Workplace"


Abstract: "From the Research Excellence Framework (UK) and similar central Government assessment schemes, through the mania for evaluation, quality assurance, audits and reviews, to a variety student concerns and militant Workplace Inquiries, everyone seems to want to get the measure of Higher Education accreditation systems. This talk looks at ways to evaluate higher education in the contemporary university as it is beset on one side by administrative and bureaucratic expansion, but neoliberal privatising austerity constraint on the other."


Professor John Hutnyk, originally studied and taught in Australia at Deakin and Melbourne Universities, becoming heavily involved in education policy debates and research. After his PhD on the history of the city of Calcutta in India, he moved to England to pursue research on diaspora and immigration and has published 9 books on topics such as music and politics, borders, Marxism, transgression and terror. He joined Manchester University’s Institute for Creative and Cultural Research in 1994 before moving to Goldsmiths in 1998, becoming Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies in 2004 and staying until 2014. He has held visiting researcher posts in Germany at the South Asia Institute and Institute fur Ethnologie at Heidelberg University, and Visiting Professor posts in InterCultural Studies at Nagoya City University Japan, Zeppelin University and Hamburg University, Germany.

He currently is Adjunct Professor of RMIT University, Australia, Guest Professor at Zeppelin University, Germany and Visiting Scientist at Mimarsinan University, Istanbul. 


His books are: 

“The Rumour of Calcutta: Tourism, Charity and the Poverty of Representation” (1996 Zed books); 

“Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the Politics of the New Asian Dance Music” (1996 Zed, co-edited with Sharma and Sharma);

“Travel Worlds’ (1998 Zed, co-ed with Raminder Kaur);

“Critique of Exotica: Music, Politics and the Culture Industry” (2000 Pluto Press); 

“Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies” (2004 Pluto);

“Diaspora and Hybridity” (2005 Sage, co-authored with Virinder Kalra and Raminder Kaur); 

“Celebrating Transgression” (2006 Berghahn, co-ed with Ursula Rao); and 

“Beyond Borders” (2012 Pavement books).

“Pantomime. Terror: Music and Politics” (2014 Zero books);


He has edited special issues of several journals, written for many small magazines and samizdat style zines, runs a lively blog (Trinketization: hutnyk.wordpress.com) and has over 100 articles to date, with three additional books soon forthcoming: 'Trinketization', 'Colour TV, Black and White Life' and a book on Marx's Das Kapital. His current research is on the regeneration of port cities understood in the context of long duration colonial history, contemporary activism, and geopolitical economic intrigue. His course on Capital at SMU is open to visitors.

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