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* After your abstract has been accepted, you should submit your Final Paper before December 16th 2013 (Final Paper Submission Deadline).

* There is a limit of 10 pages for final paper  

* Please remember that contributions will only be published in the INTCESS14 e-publications if at least one of the authors of the final paper is registered before 16 December 2013 (in person or virtually).

* For presentation instructions please also refer to our Presentation Instructions section



VIA EASYCHAIR :           


Please read the instructions below then submit your Final Paper via EasyChair conference system:


 NOTE !  If you have already submitted your final paper to the EasyChair, please re-format it according to the template below and then upload it by following the same steps below.


STEP 1 : Please assure that your final paper follows exactly the format and template as described in the final paper template document below since this will be the camera-ready published version.

All final papers should be written only in word document as .doc or .docx format.

Please download the following Final Paper Template and submit your final paper exactly according to the template:

INTCESS14 Final Paper Template in word format (.doc /.docx) 


STEP 2 : You can submit a final paper to the EasyChair only by updating the submission you submitted as an abstract. For that; click the link of the EasyChair on-line conference system below and log-in using your EasyChair account (this should be the same account you have used to submit your abstract).

STEP 3 : After logging in the EasyChair system, click on "Submission [your number#]" menu item at the top of the page (if you have more than one paper then click: My Submissions> Submission [your number#]). And select “Submit a new version” from the right-hand menu of the Submission screen.

STEP 4 : Before uploading your final paper file, rename your word document in your computer and save it as: your last name and abstract submission number (For example: If your last name is Smith and your abstract number is 257 then save your final paper file as: Smith257 ) 

STEP 5 : After selecting the final paper file that you wish to upload from your computer (which was exactly formatted according to the final paper template as a word document -doc. or docx- file), upload (submit) your final paper by selecting the “Submit a New Version” button. 








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