Neno Hristov
Colonel Associate professor Ph.D., D. Sc., Military Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, neno.hristov@gmail.com

According to national and Union terminology, a concept is understood to mean „a concept or formulation of an idea expressing how something can be done or accomplished to bring about an acceptable way of action“.

On this basis, concepts can be considered as a set of three mutually agreed or balanced bindings - objectives, ways and means. Military concepts usually describe how to use certain military capabilities to achieve a goal or the way to solve a particular problem, and this can lead to changes in doctrines, organization, procedures, training, armament requirements, combat equipment, equipment, equipment and others.

Goals determine the desired end state. They can vary in a wide range - from national targets to a single task. In the military field, goals are set in strategies, planning national or operational documents, and orders to individual formations.

The mode of action is a description of the ways to achieve the ultimate goals or the ultimate state by using the appropriate forms, methods, methods and tactics. These are the actions with the available or planned means to achieve the goals. The essence of the concept is the description of these ways, including sequence or
In the military field the means are an expression of the military power of the armed forces at a certain point in their development. Depending on the usability of the armed forces and the level of command as a means, the Armed Forces as a whole, the Joint Operational Forces, the type of armed forces and tactical formations can be considered to achieve the lowest level of ability - separate elements (the Armament System).

The development of ideas in approaches and applicable modes of action requires the fitting of appropriate means (military capabilities) that are likely to achieve the goals set. Goals set the meaning of the follow-up, and the resources determine what resources to be set. Defining how to act is the essence of the concept. Their role is to link goals to resources. From this follows the conclusion that military concepts basically describe how an idea can be realized.

Keywords: concept, military concepts, military capabilities, defense capabilities, capability-based planning, doctrines, organization, procedures, developing concepts, goals determine, desired end state


CITATION: Abstracts & Proceedings of ADVED 2017 - 3rd International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences, 9-11 October 2017- Istanbul, Turkey

ISBN: 978-605-82433-0-9